My Singapore Lover

My Singapore Lover

Being known as someone who reads a broad range of literature I was recently handed Judy Chapman’s latest novel “My Singapore Lover”.

Obviously older than Ms Chapman by a good twenty years, I found her novel both a trip down memory lane and the type of book I would have appreciated when I was a much younger woman – although my generation can still enjoy a love affair, real or imagined.
Like Ms Chapman’s character Jane, who operates in the fast lane of publishing in Singapore and enjoys a glamorous life, we can also “move on” when tiring of a situation or the values we once lived by reassert themselves, and we ask ourselves “Who we are?” and “what we are doing?” with our lives.

Life’s fluctuations bring great highs and lows and it is how Ms Chapman presents these ups and downs which, for me, make this novel. It is a beautifully written work and a very close study of all that makes us human.


Brenda Stevens-Chambers

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