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Gold Dust and Pebbles - Life in a CheeseCloth Dress

Gold Dust and Pebbles Published May 2019


Celebrating Bendigo Women

Celebrating Bendigo Women

The Stevens Family Betley - Victoria

The Stevens Family Betley – Victoria


Latest edition of Honky and Ginny

The Convent Daylesford - Front Cover

The Convent Daylesford

The Lola Memoirs

The Lola Memoirs

This book

The Real Story of the CWA of Victoria

Friend and Foe

Friend and Foe – Caroline Chisolm and the Women of Kyneton


Stories from the CWA

The Jubilee History of the CWA of Australia

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  1. Hi Brenda

    I came across an extract re George and Diana Stevens from your book about the Stevens family of Betley. Would it be possible to get a copy of the book in print or in PDF form?

    I have been writing about the history of St Albans for some years and have interviewed John Stevens in 2001 and included his story in “Stories about St Albans” in 2012. Recently I have written a more extensive background to the Stevens family in “St Albans Setters from 1905” a copy of which is available on my website listed below. I’m happy to send you PDF versions of the above if you are interested.

    I’m interested in the history of Stevens family because of their major contribution to the development of St Albans from 1905. Many people who settled in St Albans during the 1950s still remember the family and the Stevens brothers for their business enterprise in the district.

    Joseph Ribarow

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