Celebrating Bendigo Women

Celebrating Bendigo Women

Most recently I invited several Bendigo women to participate in a book I was planning about the city’s women. Bendigo women, like every where in Australia have been left out of our history, but I knew there were women quietly working away trying to address the in-balance.  Fortunately, everyone  contributed material dating from the 1850s to the present with the recent stories being in the form of short personal biographies. From this experience I fully realised the multi-tasking, determined, courageous, flexible wonderful women this city has always bred. We have complete female representation at state and federal levels, five female councillors including the current mayor, and our world-class basket ball team “Bendigo Spirit”  was named in their honour.
Emily Mudge

Emily Mudge – Engineer, “There is nothing more meaningful I can imagine myself doing.”

Lizzie Barrow

Elizabeth Barrow, Opera Singer, “I was 9 when I realised I wanted to spend my life singing”.


Danielle Snowden, Author “Nerdy Birdy”, “From little things big things grow.”

Rosemary Margan

Rosemary Margan, beloved Bendigo girl, water ski champion, television personality 1960-1980s.

Teachers 1959 - girls school

Bendigo Girl School Teachers 1959

1952 Mayoral ball. Mrs Pethard & Mrs Amer

1952 Mayoral ball. Mrs Pethard & Mrs Amer