Friend and Foe

Caroline Chisholm: Her Friends and Foes


‘A triumph of resurrected voices’ ~Professor Marion Quartly  Monash University July 2004.

This unique book mirrors the lives of Australian pioneering women 1850-1900- then wends its way through the  many changes and challenges of the 20th century. While centered in the town ship of Kyneton, Victoria, experiences reflect those of women across the nation. Indigenous women,  the well known Caroline Chisholm to the down trodden maid everyone one is included here. A delightful must read.

Caroline Chisholm – her Friends and Foes is available from Amazon for $9.99.

‘One gets the feeling of actually being present as some of the events even to the extent of conversations between women.’ Margin,Canberra December 2004

‘Forget your dry, chronological history…Brenda Stevens-Chambers lets us experience the moment as Caroline Chisholm herself might have – the pungent aroma of brewed coffee, the wheel ruts and horse dung on the ground…It is history unravelled with the ease of good fiction, and sets the tone for what is to follow-an engaging, often surprising read…in a cast that includes writers, artists, mothers, female farmers and shop girls. Ned Kelly’s connection to Kyneton makes for intriguing reading, as does the story of the turn of the century suffragettes.’ John Holton, Bendigo Advertiser, September 2004





Kyneton Map



1.  Caroline Chisholm – Coffee in Kyneton;

A cellar, an intruder,  and a kind heart;

A mother for them all;

An unofficial candidate, At home in Kyneton


2.  Brebie –  Orphan child of the Djadja Wurrung


3.  Juliana Jeffrey –  Juliana the lady squatter;

Juliana and Georgiana; Juliana and Letitia;

Juliana’s  Legacy


4.  Fabulous Founding Females – Annie Hutcheson,

Georgina Yule, Agnes Alexander, Elizabeth Smith,

Judith Furphy, Jane Little and her daughters Hannah

Rogers and Sarah Harper, Anne Gately Clinton,

Elizabeth Fleck,  Harriette Lavender


5.  Gossiping Tongues – Mrs Drew and sad servant girls


6.  The Two Sarahs and Ned Kelly                                   


7.  Sisters in Suffrage –  the Misses Johnson, Jarrett,

Brown and Brister

20th Century

8.  Barbara Armstrong – political activist and

Caroline Chisholm devotee

9.  Doing My Own Thing                                                 

Constance Laver, Nesta McKellar,

Jessie Huybers-Fraser-Couvreur, Clara Southern,

Polly Hurry, Margaret Pestell, Grace Jackson,

Georgiana Lucia Hyndman, Pat Jarrett

10.  Rachael McGregor Begg’s Roller Coaster Ride       

11.  “The Greatest Shareholders”                                    

Mary Goudie, Kyneton pacifist

Maisie’s Gaza Ridge

12.  Three Fond Friends – Maisie Harper,

Mary Watson (née Harper) and Jean Barton

13.  Woman and History                                                   

14.  Woman and Change                                                   

15.   Amazing, inspiring us

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