The Fiesty Phoenix

The Feisty Phoenix

“People coming to the Country Women’s Association for the first time will be intrigued by the strength of the personalities which Brenda captures on the page … the use of direct quotation from biographical material – reminiscences and autobiography – is particularly evocative … This is an important story for Australian’s women’s history and indeed for Australian history as a whole.” – Professor Marian Quartly, Monash University

“From reading this book I’ve gained a greater knowledge of the history and workings of the CWA, delighted in the anecdotal material and have put it down with nothing less than admiration for the work of the author, whose meticulous research has revealed the very heart and soul of the CWA.” Tonia Todman, Author, Broadcaster and Designer.

“The Feisty Phoneix” PP268, 2008, – available CWA Vic, now $20.

It’s Later than You Think – Might I suggest that our password for 1964 be, “Do it now, for it’s later than you think! … How many of us fail to realise this as the days and years speed by. No doubt we all think of the Old Year with feelings of regret – regret perhaps of our failure to achieve all that we had hoped in 1963.” – Mrs M. Ward, Chairman H&HI, Country Crafts, January 1964

Full Circle – A pleasing accomplishment in 1997 was the the opening  of the Women’s Centre in the central tower of the old Queen Victoria Hospital. The CWA vigorously lobbied the State Government for the centre and past State and National President and Member of Honour, Mrs Jean Tom was one of its first first patrons and Trust members … With its support of the centre the association has formed a full circle in the name of Lady Mitchell, (founder of CWA of Vic) after whom a wing at the hospital was named in appreciation of funds for the hospital.

A New Century – A very happy New Year to you all – I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and Friends and are now ready to start the New Century with much vigour. New Year is a time for being “positive” and looking to the future with confidence. Mrs Betty Burges, State President, Victorian Country Woman, February, 2000



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