The Many Hats of Country Women

The Many Hats of Country Women – The Jubilee history of the CWA of Australia.

The C.W.A.A. at Canberra will move a resolution asking for uniform education. Other resolutions to be discussed will deal with citizenship (equality between the sexes in social, political and economic spheres, the appointment of women to local boards and as J.P’s, helping new Australians to find a place in their new land and responsibility to the aborigine), education (a uniform standard) health ( what women can contribute to the health of the community), home (the importance of the home in creating right attitudes to life)… Country Crafts, Victoria 1951

“This book has opened my eyes to the tireless activism, vision and leadership of the Country Women’s Association of Australia. It is well known that the CWA movement has achieved improved services for country women and their families and a better quality of life. What is not so well known, is the opportunities they have created for women to reach their potential and rightful place in society. This book provides a rich description of the many changes Australia, and in particular rural Australia has had to embrace over the past 50 years and provides an insight into the ways the national presidents have led the debate on behalf of their members in contributing to important national policy.” Helen Board – National Rural Women’s Co-ordinator, Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy.

“How many of us have had to cope with drought, flood, isolation, recession and fire all in one year? The words of a song we often play on “Australia all Over” say it all – just substitute women for people. “We the women understand hand in hand, we the women understand, that there’s an answer, there’s a way …” I wish we could vote 1-CWA at Federal Elections. Then, as someone says in the book, Australia would really flourish.” Ian McNamara, Australia all Over,” ABC Radio

“The Many Hats of Country Women” 1987 – available from on-line book stores

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